Information Treatments

Tantra is a path of awareness, it’s an opportunity to get to know yourself better. Tantra Bodywork will be a complete different experience from what you are used to.It is about getting in touch with yourself and with others. To feel free, breath freely and feel alive.

Sexual energy is lifeforce energy and presents itself in many forms like passion, inspiration or pleasure. This vital energy can also be felt when you look at or touch each other. This powerful energy is always present, even when you are tired. When you don’t ejaculate in a session the energy can be saved and used to get rid of old habits and experience new ones. The treatments mentioned below will awaken this beautiful energy.

The treatment takes place in a cosy room with background music. The room is slightly darkened, so incentives from outside have less influence on the session and you can focus on your body. The massage is given with warmed oil on a comfortable futon (a Japanese mattress) on the floor.

People often indicate upfront which treatment they prefer, but when you’re not sure we can discuss that at the start of the session. I’ll explain what Bodywork means. I’ll ask if there’s anything i need to take into account. Besides physical complaints, it’s important to know if there are or have been tensions, anxieties or other psychic complaints. I’ll also inform if other far-reaching events have occurred because this can influence how you experience the session.

It is possible to have this session naked. It’s not obligated, of course you can wear some clothing if that’s what you prefer. You decide!