ecstatic touch

The ecstatic touch is a profound form of energetic bodywork and invites you to connect with the other. This session follows the former intouch tantra session, but you can also take this session separately. When we stand naked opposite each other we make space for a sensual energy, which you enjoy. We start the session with breathwork and erotic rituals which are focused on conscious touch and an excited play between the giver and receiver. This session is combined with a massage, in which powerful techniques are alternated by soft touches. Special attention is given to the lower body, the thighs, the pelvis and the genitals, which are massaged with warm oil. The sensual massage and genital touch will awaken your sexual energy. Although the focus is on touch and connection, when you breathe free and more intense, you will feel recharged after the session. This makes the ecstatic touch a surpising and energetic power sessions that can be very liberating.