sacred eros

In this playful session you are invited to follow your heart, your desires and your fantasies. Eros is the sensual life-force. We leave social roles and fixed ideas behind, experiment with role-play and follow the flow of eros. You can explore your needs and longings and express your wishes and fantasies. Expand the joy of sacred sexuality; the natural connection between sexuality and spirituality. In the sacred eros you are welcome to experience new forms of sexual expression and intimacy. It makes the session a blissful and sensual experience. We both start clothed, slowly undress and enjoy the communication between two naked bodies by the erotic touch, looking in the eyes and merge into each other. Be consciously present to activate the senses and deeper breathing. We can hold each other and embrace in a respectful, a safe and caring space. If you want to change position, it often comes naturally, in a smooth motion. The genital massage will activate the flow of eros in the entire body. Enjoy, play and surrender to the pleasure in the sacred eros.

Make sure that you are clean and fresh before we start the session and don’t ejaculate for at least 2 days.