Intouch tantra session

The tantric esoteric tradition is often combined with meditation and body excercises. Also singingbowls can be part of the session.

We start with a tantra aligning ritual wearing a sarong. During the ritual I give a fether touch and we practice conscious breathing. We get connected, feel comfortable and at ease. Afterwards the saroung goes and slow fluid moves are alternated by firm and powerful touches. You get in contact with the natural body movement which stimulates the breath flow more freely.

Lifeforce energy is stimulated by circular breath and will be spread throughout body. Using breath awareness can release the body tension. The massage invites you to surrender to the touch and joy.  Because of increased energy and touch sensitivity, you will feel more free. The intouch tantra session combines breath, spirituality and sensuality. Like a journey through the body in which not only the body but also deeper layers are touched.